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some new work, a lot more to come.

decided to do a series of sculpts based on monster hunter, one of my favorite games of all time.

here’s the first guy, Rajang the golden lion.




Jill Valentine selected for CGHub gold award!

Thanks to the editor panels at CGhub, it’s an honor to receive the gold award again and I hope to continue impressing them!

  • Nemesis_01
  • Nemesis_02
  • Nemesis_05
  • Nemesis_06
  • Jill_Single
  • Jill_Single_02

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City screenshots!

screens from the RE trailers!

they include some shots of Nemesis and Jill, enjoy! 🙂


This is a childhood favorite character… Feiying, I was reading the manga last night and just had an urge to paint him out in a more contemporary way 🙂 and here he is.

lunch time android.. portrait…

random portraits # 3! … far from 100 😛

First Post on New Site!

It’s not really complete yet … so this is just a test.  Anyhow, it will be the first post on this new website! 🙂